Silvina Soria

SILVINA SORIA.  Sculptor and designer of Sculptural Jewellery. Escultora y Diseñadora de Joyería Escultórica


2004. Postgraduate School of Visual Arts "Ernesto de la Carcova" BS.AS., Argentina. Contemporary Sculpture

1998-2003. School of Visual Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredon. BS.AS., Argentina. B.A. in Sculpture. Art Educator. 2011 Technical Diploma in Wax Carving and Casting. Holts Academy. London, UK.

2010 Jewelry Casting course. Maria Medici. BS.AS, Arg.

2010 Silversmithing course. BS.AS, Arg.

2009 March/June Artist Residency at Cite Culture,. Paris, France.

2006 Welding and blacksmith specialization courses.U.O.C.R.A. BS.AS, Arg.

2004 Welding course. Postgraduate School of Visual Arts "Ernesto de la Carcova" BS.AS., Argentina.

2003 Course New techniques and repeatable resin molds with Claudia Aranovich. BS.AS. Arg.

2001 Feb-April Sculpture Course. The Art Student's League. New York, USA..


2017 Collyer Bristow Gallery. London, UK.                                                                                

2016 Jealous Gallery. London, UK.

2015 The Glass Tank, Oxford, UK.

2015 Thirty for Thirty. National Theatre. London, UK.

2015 Rooting at Central Space Acava. London, UK. SOLO SHOW.

2015 Sculptural 2015. William Bennington Gallery at Coombe Trenchard, Devon, UK.

2014 Rizomas. Collaboration with artist Sabrina Ellman. Flutter Gallery. London, UK. 

2013 Acava Open Studios, London, UK 2012 Acava Open Studios, London, UK

2011 Open House, London, UK.

2010 Just Originals, Art Gallery. London, UK.

2009 Maison Internationale, Cite Universitaire. Paris, France. SOLO SHOW.

2009 Cultura y Ciencia, A.M.B.B. Bahia Blanca, BS.AS. Argentina.

2008 Open Studio. Estacion Loyola. BS.AS. Argentina.

2007 Panamerican Hotel. BS.AS. Argentina.

2006 Quinta Trabucco de Vicente López. BS.AS. Argentina.

2006 Centro de Exposiciones Palais de Glace. BS.AS. Argentina. 2006 Expotrastiendas. BS.AS. Argentina.

2005 Hostel Pampas. Selective Group Exhibition. BS.AS. Argentina.

2005 Expotrastiendas. Gallery North Shore. BS.AS. Argentina.

2003 Space of Centoira Art. Selective Group exhibition. BS.AS. Argentina.

2002 "La Escalera". Place of Cronopios Visual. BS.AS. Argentina. SOLO SHOW.

2002 School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón. BS.AS. Argentina.

2001 First Artistic Maratón. A.L.A Delta (Ambito Free and Opened of Students Related to the Theater and to the Art). Selective Group exhibition. BS.AS. Argentina.

2001 The Art Student League of New York. Selective Group exhibition. New York, USA.  


2017 Selected for Via Arts Prize. Brasilian Embassy. London, UK

2015 Selected Thirty for Thirty. London, UK,

2007 Selected National Hall Textile Art. City of Buenos Aires.

2005 Selected. Third Contest of Sculpture "Roman Enrique". Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires.

2003 III Prize. New Generation of Sculptors of the Country. Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina.

2003 I Mention. Hall Young Artists. Argentinian Society of Sculptors. BS.AS., Argentina.


2016 Organiser of the Second Sculpture Symposium in ENgland.

2014 Organiser of the FIrst National Sculpture Symposium in England.

2009 XXIV Symposium. Ex Tempore Internazionale di scultura su legno. Belluno, Italia.

2009 VIII Sculpture Symposium. Pieve Tesino, Trento, Italia. 2008 III Sculpture Symposium. La Banda, Santiago del Estero, Argentina.

2007 VIII Sculpture Symposium. Alem, Misiones, Argentina.

2007 II Sculpture Symposium. La Banda, Santiago del Estero, Argentina.

2007 XII International Sculpture Symposium. Valdivia, Chile. Commission for Park.

2004 II International Sculpture Symposium on Wood. Cafayate,Salta,Argentina. Commission to make a sculpture for permanent exhibition in a local school.

2004 II Sculpture Symposium. Salazar,Buenos Aires,Argentina. Commission to make Play Ground Games.

2003 III Sculpture Symposium. La Plata, Buenos Aires,Argentina. 2003 III Sculpture Symposium de Donarte. San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén. Commission to develop a National Park Signage.

2003 I National Sculpture Symposium of the Coast of the Rio Parana. Entre Ríos, Argentina

2003 I Symposium of Sculpture of the New Generation of the Country.Resistencia, Argentina.

2003 IV International Symposium of Wood Sculpture. San Martín de los Andes, Argentina.

2003 III Encuentro de Escultores. Trapiche, San Luis.

2002 Participation in the "Biennial of Chaco 2002" Resistencia, Argentina.


Welding Workshop Tutor at London Sculpture Workshop.

April 2014. Commission for Royal Historic Palaces.

January-April 2012. London, UK. Sculpture Workshop Leader. Rosetta Arts Centre.

Jan-Feb-Aug 2012-13. London, UK. Project Coordinator of FORUM. The Network for Artists.

July 2011-Present, London, UK. Artist's coordinator. Contemporary Art. MARCO. International Metal Sculptors's Exhibition.

February 2009. Monterrey, Mexico. Art Teacher, Elementary School Art's teacher.

2006-2008. BS.AS., Argentina. Art Teacher, Special Education School.

2007. BS.AS, Argentina. Art Teacher, Art workshops at my own studio.

2005-2008. BS.AS., Argentina. Drawing Teacher, I.U.N.A. Art National University Institute. 2003-2007. BS.AS., Argentina.

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