Silvina Soria

PARC Artist Residency. Pangaea Sculptor's Centre. February 2018 As part of the Artist Residency I spent 5 weeks in the middle of the mountains, in deep contact with nature and stunning landscapes covered with almond blossoms and olive trees. I usually work with underground landscapes inspired by industrial/architectonical/urban structures, but being in the countryside has led me to connect with the sky and it's mapping.  To allow myself to contemplate a sky that we don't have in big cities because of the light pollution and also to work with other materials. When I was invited to this residency I knew I didn't want to carry on working with what I was doing in London, but to take this opportunity as a chance to think about my work and get inspiration from nature. All I planned beforehand was to search for a material taken from nature, that wouldn't provoke any damage and I found the canes. With this material, I got into the skills of peeling, interlacing, making knots and spreading the lines in the space.  

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