The search of subtlety in sculpture has led me to work with lines in space using steel and wire. Inspired by a deep drive towards underground landscapes, industrial objects and also to what happens in the social level in that context beyond the construction, my work finds its references in the subway maps and massive underground networks. I build complex structures of steel rods that emerge from a nuclear centre and expands centrifugally as a rhizome, alluding somehow to plant roots. These lines that build up mobile cartography are transformed according to it’s disposition at each new location.

This project comes from a progressive research on transit spaces, a deep drive towards  underground landscapes, the industrial object but also to what happens in that context beyond the construction. Masses of people inhabiting these spaces without ever belonging to them or even being aware of their transit through those underground passages absorbed in the daily alienation of large cities.


London, UK. +44 79 0196 5603

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