The searching of subtlety in sculpture led me to work the line in the space, using steel rods and wire. My work gets references from subway maps and the massive underground networks developing a series of 3D Maps, complex structures of steel rods that emerging from a nuclear centre expands centrifugally as a rizhome. These lines that build up mobile cartography are transformed according to it’s disposition at each new location.

This project comes from a progressive research on transit spaces, a deep drive towards  underground landscapes, the industrial object but also to what happens in that context beyond the construction. Masses of people inhabiting these spaces without ever belonging to them or even being aware of their transit through those underground passages absorbed in the daily alienation of large cities.

In 2009 I was invited to participate in an Artists Residence in Paris for three months where I worked on a serie of spacial drawings between 2 and 3 dimensions. The theme of movement, flowing, the transformation inherent in the passage of time is always in my thoughts enriched by the experience of travelling. After that, once that I moved to London, I started thinking on the differents cities' rythms and how they modify our own rythm, comparing maps and recording sounds in differents tube stations around the world. 


London, UK. +44 79 0196 5603

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